Merlin Reflection

I was keeping an eye on this seasonal puddle for last few days. Finally we have some sunlight and decided to give it a try. After waiting for a few  hours and photographing  some usual suspects taking  turn in puddle ... finally, I saw a bird land on the far side of puddle closer to wooden area. I was surprised to see this cooperative Merlin ready for a dip. Sun was low on the horizon and behind my back :) 

I was shooting from my truck window and bird was cooperative enough (not common) ...and let me move around and get the desired angles. Stayed in the puddle for a few minutes before a passing truck spook the bird out of the puddle and into the trees. By that time I have already taken over 100 shots of the bird.

Posting a few selected from that memorable afternoon. Hopefully you like it. I welcome all the comments and questions


Another angle



I like this crop better.

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